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  • Elf's Holiday (Grades K- 4)

    Elf's HolidayGrades K - 4Lily the Elf finds a beautiful ring. Lily loves the ring she finds in a moss garden. It makes a perfect wading pool, but the ring belongs to a small human. Will Lily have to return it? In this fun holiday class we will read about Lily and her Elf friends for the first 20 minutes. All reading levels welcome. The last 40 minutes will be spent making your own holiday-ready Elf gardens. Any Elf would love to live here!Instructor: Lori Knauf, Shirley Hills First Grade TeacherTuesdays, November 28 - December 193:45 - 4:45 pmShirley Hills Primary School, Room 214#2053-A17F                  $49
  • Kidcreate *NEW* Mess to the Max! (Grades K-4)

    Mess to the Max! with Kidcreate StudioGrades K- 4We will be maximizing the mess to make this art class the very best! Get excited to paint with plaster, sculpt with gooey gunk, make papier mache puppies, and fling paint like Jackson Pollock. We will even learn some cool stuff along the way. These projects are so messy your Mom would never let you make them at home!Wednesdays, September 20 - October 113:40 - 4:40 pmShirley Hills Primary School        L-2#2017-A17F                    $59Thursdays, September 21 - October 123:40 - 4:40 pm             Hilltop Primary School                 Art Room#2017-B17F                      $59
  • Kidcreate *NEW* Sweet Halloween Craft Party

    "Sweet" Halloween Craft Party with Kidcreate StudioGrades K - 4What's the best part about Halloween? The candy, of course! We'll create a spooky graveyard scene out of tons of sweet art supplies including  some Halloween candy favorites like candy corn!Wednesday, October 253:40 - 4:40 pmShirley Hills Primary School             Room L-2#2018-A17F                    $19Thursday, October 263:40 - 4:40 pmHilltop Primary School                      Art Room#2018-B17F                    $19
  • Kidcreate Studio *NEW* Holiday Ornament Making Party

    Holiday Ornament Making Party with Kidcreate StudioGrades K - 4All new ornaments! Join us for an ornament making party. We will set up four stations, each with a different ornament project. These ornaments will make great keepsakes or holiday gifts! This is a great class or siblings to attend together!Wednesday, December 13 3:40 - 4:40 pmShirley Hills Primary School                   Room L-2#2023-A17F                       $19Thursday, December 143:40 - 4:40 pmHilltop Primary School                             Art Room#2023-B17F                        $19
  • Kidcreate Studio *NEW* Paint on Canvas-Reindeer Games

    Paint on Canvas-Reindeer Games with Kidcreate StudioGrades K - 4Who's the most famous reindeer of all time? Rudolph, of course! During this popular class, your child will learn how to paint Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer step-by-step as they create on a real canvas board.Wednesday, December 63:40 - 4:40 pmShirley Hills Primary School              Room L-2#2022-A17F                   $19Thursday, December 73:40 - 4:40 pmHilltop Primary School                        Art Room#2022-B17F                     $19
  • Pottery Studio (grades 2 - 4)

    Pottery StudioGrades 2 - 4Come and get creative with clay with Ms. Hans after school! Students will learn how to make ceramic pieces from clay using  the pinch, coil and slab methods of construction. At the first class, students will create their piece of art, and at the second class (after the project is fired) students  will decorate and glaze their project. Projects will be ready approximately one week after the second class. Instructor: Ms Hans, Hilltop Art teacherTuesdays, November 7 & 213:40 - 4:40 pmHilltop Primary School       Art Room#2016-B17F              $29Tuesdays, November 15 & 293:40 - 4:40 pmHilltop Primary School    Art Room#2016-C17F          $29