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  • Acupressure for Sinus and Headache Relief

    Acupressure for Sinus and Headache ReliefIs your nose always stuffy? Does your head feel like it weighs 100 pounds? Do you suffer from repeated sinus infections and discomforts that antibiotics don't seem to help? Learn acupressure points to help relieve blockages in upper and lower sinuses and to relieve headaches. Instructor Janice Novak has a Master's Degree in Health Education and is a best-selling author, speaker and wellness consultant.Monday, November 276 - 7:30 pmEducational Service Center    Community Room#7565-A17F                  $29
  • Gentle Yoga (Wednesday evenings)

    Gentle YogaFor those who prefer a slower paced practice. Gain strength, flexibility, and balance while increasing concentration. Class ends with a breathing practice and longer held shavasana (resting pose). Suitable for all levels. Please bring a sticky mat and two blocks. Blanket optional.Session I Wednesdays     6:15 - 7:15 pmSeptember 6 - November 1 (no class September 20)Shirley Hills Primary School    Gym#8603-A17F              $56Session IIWednesdays        6:15 - 7:15 pmNovember 8 - December 27Shirley Hills Primary School    Gym#8603-B17F              $56
  • Hatha Yoga (Wednesday mornings)

    Hatha YogaThis class begins with mindful breathing and accepting where the body is at, then progressing into warming up the body with easy movements that transition into sun salutations and holding postures. Back bends and inversions may be introduced and modifications are offered. Discover a deeper connection between body and breath as you gain flexibility and strength. Suitable for all levels. Participants should bring a sticky mat.Session IWednesdays    7:30 - 8:20 amSeptember 6 - November 1 (no class September 20)Shirley Hills Primary School   Gym#8602-A17F               $56Session IIWednesdays       7:30 - 8:20 am     November 8 - December 27   Shirley Hills Primary School   Gym#8602-B17F              $56
  • Medicare 101 *NEW*

    **NEW**Medicare 101This educational class will take the mystery out of Medicare. Parts A, B, C, D; what do they cover and when can you enroll? What is new with Medicare? Get all the answers to questions like these during class with licensed independent agent Drew Jessen.Monday, October 26:30 - 8 pmMound Westonka High School   Room C-103#7413-A17F                  $10Tuesday, December 126:30 - 8 pmMound Westonka High School  Room C-103#7413-B17F                  $10
  • Mobility for Optimal Wellness *NEW*

    **NEW**Mobility for Optimal WellnessImprove wellness and performance with increased mobility, discover exercises to help you thrive, whether you spend hours at a desk or as a competitive athlete. Try out a sample session to incorporate into your day that enhances core strength, for stability, balance and proprioception, along with foam rolling basics.Dr. Breanna Tivy of Thrive Chiropractic as been practicing since 2008. What drives her practice is keeping people doing what they are passionate about for a lifetime, whether that is performing well at a sport of choice, or simply being able to crawl on the floor with your grandkids.Tuesday, October 247 - 8 pmMound Westonka High School  Room C-103#7412-A17F                 $10Tuesday, December 57 - 8 pmMound Westonka High School   Room C-103#7412-B17F                    $10
  • Yoga (Saturdays)

    YogaThis mind-body workout for people of all ages will improve their health and mental acuity. Participants will gain balance, strength, power and grace as well as maximum stress reduction. You will also flow through postures connecting breath with movement and discover steadiness of mind and body. Yoga is a non-competitive, non-judgmental, mind/body fitness program. Participants should bring a yoga mat.Session ISaturdaysSeptember 9 - October 289 - 10 amShirley Hills Primary School   Gym#8600-A17F              $55Session IISaturdaysNovember 4 - December 30 (no class November 25)9 - 10 amShirley Hills Primary School  Gym#8600-B17F              $55