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We offer our younger two year old's the opportunity to have a child-only day, and for our two year old's who are older and ready to separate, we have a Two Dayer class for 33+ moths and their caregiver.

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    TWO DAYER'SStarting at 33 months of age A unique blend of parent-child time and peer group experience offering an introductory preschool experience.Tuesdays - The Parent-Child Day:  This day each week is a parent-child playtime together followed by a separated parent discussion.  Sibling care is available for this day each week.Thursdays - The Child-Only Day:  The second day each week is just for your child to interact with peers, led by a licensed early childhood teacher and an assistant.  An introduction to basic skills, along with music, a story and gym time are included each day.Child must have been 29 months by September 1, 2016 in order to attend this class.  Parents must attend the parent-child class on Tuesday to have their child attend the child-only day.