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  • Sponsor a Student Scholarship Program

    Sponsor a Student Scholarship Program donation ~ Community Education plays a vital role in creating a healthy and vibrant community. Individual and family lives are enhanced through programs and activities that not only educate, but entertain, motivate and rejuvenate. This past year has been challenging for so many families due to the pandemic. Many families are struggling financially and emotionally. Because of this they are unable to enroll their children into educational and recreational programs that provide so many benefits to their children. Community Education classes allow students to learn social and emotional skills, provides hands-on learning that encourages skill building, physical skill development, fitness and so much more. You can help a family by donating to the Sponsor a Student Scholarship program. Your donation will be used for the sole purpose of financially assisting a student to enroll in a community education class or activity. This opens up the opportunity for individuals in our community to participate in a wide range of lifelong learning activities. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #0505-A23W $10 $25 $50 $75 $100 Please call Community Education at 952.491.8040 if you would like to make a donation other than the above listed - Thank you!