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  • 55+ Defensive Driving 8-Hour Course

    55+  Defensive Driving 8-Hour CourseIf you are 55 or older, save money on your car insurance premiums and become a better driver! Minnesota law requires insurance companies to offer you a 10% reduction for three year of you complete the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course, taught by professional, certified instructors. The course is two session of classroom - no driving or test required. You will receive a certificate of completion to provide to your insurance company. Attendance at both sessions is required to receive credit.Tuesday and Thursday, March 12 &145 - 9 pmWestonka Activity Center Conference Room#7700-A19W$29
  • 55+ Defensive Driving 4-Hour Refresher Course

    55+ Defensive Driving 4-Hour Refresher CourseIf you have taken a state-approved 8-hour Defensive Driving Course 55+ in the past, now you can renew your 10%, 3-year car insurance discount by taking this state-approved, 4-hour refresher course. There's no driving and no test. You will receive a certificate of completion to provide to your insurance company.Tuesday, April 28:30 am - 12:30 pmWestonka Activity Center Conference Room#7701-A19W$25Monday, April 155 - 9 pmWestonka Activity Center Conference Room#7701-B19W$25
  • Chickens in your Backyard (Ages 5 - Adult)

    Chickens in Your BackyardAges 5 - AdultHave you ever wanted to learn how to raise your very own chickens? Gale Woods Farm educators are ready to teach you how. Start collecting your very own farm fresh eggs! Registrations required by March 1.Saturday, March 21 - 4 pm#2014-A19W$11/person
  • Community Bingo - hosted by Harrison Bay Senior Living

    Community Bingo - Wednesdays - hosted by Harrison Bay Senior LivingAges 55 +Who doesn't enjoy the thrill of hearing their last number called, jumping out of their chair, and shouting BINGO! Join in on the fun with friends at the new Harrison Bay Senior Living. Check out their newly installed electronic Bingo board, win prizes and stay for hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and cookies. No need to bring any money, all you need to do is register.Wednesdays, January 9 - 302 - 4 pmHarrison Bay Senior Living - Community Room1861 Commerce Boulevard, Mound#7577-A19W$10Wednesdays, February 6 - 272 - 4 pmHarrison Bay Senior Living - Community Room1861 Commerce Boulevard, Mound#7577-B19W$10Wednesdays, March 6 - 272 - 4 pmHarrison Bay Senior Living - Community Room1861 Commerce Boulevard, Mound#7577-C19W$10Wednesdays, April 3 - 242 - 4 pmHarrison Bay Senior Living - Community Room1861 Commerce Boulevard, Mound#7577-D19W$10Wednesdays, May 1 - 292 - 4 pmHarrison Bay Senior Living - Community Room1861 Commerce Boulevard, Mound#7577-E19W$10
  • How to Cut the Cable Cord

    How to Cut the Cable CordCable (or satellite) television is the single most expensive utility for many households. This class will show you many viewing options that are free or much lower cost than cable. We'll discuss the pros and cons of cable, how to get Internet without cable, how to get TV from your computer to your television, and much, much more. Find out why and how thousands of TV watchers are ditching their cable forever!Tuesday, April 167 - 8:30 pmWestonka Activity Center - Conference Room#7609-A19W$25
  • Medicare 101

    Medicare 101This educational class will take the mystery out of Medicare. Parts A,B,C, and D; what do they cover and when can you enroll? What is new with Medicare? Get all the answers to questions like these with licensed independent agent Stefany Jessen.Tuesday, March 56 - 7:30 pmWestonka Activity Center - Conference Room#7413-A19W$10Tuesday, May 76 - 7:30 p mWestonka Activity Center - Conference Room#7413-B19W$10
  • Minnesota Star Watch Party with Mike Lynch

    Minnesota Star Watch Party with Mike LynchMake the stars your old friends as we watch the great celestial show in the skies over the western side of Lake Minnetonka. This night will be filled with the stars, constellations, planets, star clusters, nebulae, and more! We start off with indoor orientation followed by quality time outside under the heavens. Get to know the constellations like the Big Bear, Orion the Hunter, Leo the Lion and some of their great stories behind them. We'll use large reflecting telescopes including two giant 2-inch reflectors that are among the biggest mobile telescopes in Minnesota for close up views of a number of celestial wonders in the Spring skies. This is an opportunity to learn about celestial photography. Weather permitting we'll use a new astronomical camera-telescope system for extra special views of the distant universe. You'll also get a large handout package with user friendly star maps and constellation charts, apps, websites, a telescope buying guide and more!Mike Lynch has been a meteorologist and broadcaster at WCCO Radio for nearly 40 years and has been hosting star watching and astronomy programs for well over 47 years. He also writes a weekly stargazing column for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and is the author of the book, Stars, a Month by Month Tour of the Constellations, that will be available for purchase. Glow in the dark star and constellation shirts will also be available for purchase. Even if it's cloudy, you'll learn a lot, have a great time, and get a Mike Lynch "Cloud Check" for a future Minnesota Starwatch Class. Your universe is waiting!Wednesday, February 66:30 - 8:30 pmEducational Service Center, Conference Room A#7560-A19W$25 (includes packet)
  • Photo Organization - Print and Digital

    Photo Organization - Print and DigitalA photograph captures a moment that is gone forever! Are your photographs in a box, drawer, suitcase, phone, camera chip, external hard drive, or all of the above? Are they securely backed up? Understand why photo organization/scrapbooking is more difficult today versus years ago. The number one goal is to Save - Organize - Share your photos. Discover alternatives to get every printed/digital photo, video, and memorabilia in one location. From scanning, to storage, and organization, you'll leave with options to access every photo you own and be able to share them with family and friends.Monday, February 117 - 8:30 pmWestonka Activity Center - Conference Room#7602-A19W$15Monday, April 17 - 8:30 pmOrono Intermediate School - Media Center#7602-B19W$15
  • Prepare Your own Will

    Prepare Your Own WillPracticing Attorney Adam Altman will lead this class with the purpose being for each participant to complete a valid Will. Through explanations, questions and answers, most people are  able to leave the class with a completed Will. The probate process will be explained and everything necessary to complete a Will - Will forms, witnesses and a notary public - will be provided. Fee is per person; each person needs their own Will. Please bring a blue or black pen to sign legal documents.Wednesday, March 137 - 9 pmWestonka Activity Center - Conference Room#7505-A19W$39/person
  • Social Security Strategies to Maximize Benefits

    Social Security Strategies to Maximize BenefitsWhen should I apply for Social Security? How can I maximize my benefits? How will this affect my spouse? Mistakes can be costly. We will provide you with the guidance you need to navigate this. Join us for a short presentation and learn how to sort through the options to help ensure the choice you make is tailored to your needs.Tuesday, April 236 - 7 pmWestonka Activity Center - Conference Room#7506-A19W$15
  • United States Presidents Who Died in Office: What Happened?

    United States Presidents Who Died in Office: What Happened?Eight United States Presidents died in office; four from illness and four by assassination. What really happened? Was their medical care helpful or harmful? Join Dr. Kretchman in exploring the events leading up to their deaths and detailing medical treatments typical of the times. Uncover lesser known facts about famous historic figures like Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy and their time as President. This presentation tells all!Tuesday, February 126:30 - 8:30 pmOrono Activity Center - Conference Room 1795 Old Crystal Bay Road, Long Lake MN 55356#7610-A19W$15
  • Westonka Friends of the Arts membership

    Join in enriching the cultural life of the Westonka areaWestonka Friends of the Arts (WFA) is a volunteer organization of area residents  who care deeply about community arts programming through new the Westonka Performing Arts Center (PAC). Partnering with Westonka Community Education and the new Westonka Community Theater, our hope is that the Westonka area becomes a truly wonderful destination for the arts. The new arts center will be a place to experience great school productions as well as professional Twin Cities musicians, dancers, authors, actors, and more. Your neighbors in WFA plan to work with business owners, private donors, and fellow arts lovers to raise funds from public, private and philanthropic sources. Become a Member ($35)Support the development of dynamic cultural offerings, quality entertainment, innovative educational programs, and artistic engagement for all ages.Advertise your commitment to this exciting new organization with a WFA car decalBecome a Supporter ($75)Everything above AND have early access to WFA programming, backstage tours, and invitation only events such as after parties - where the show really does go onBecome a Patron ($250)Everything above, AND special recognition in our printed materials and early access to pre-sale tickets before major eventsThere are additional opportunities for businesses and individuals to underwrite performances, sponsor a series, or discuss naming rights for upcoming events. You can make a huge difference to this community by helping us to provide low cost access to the magic of arts for our residents.