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  • Adult Enrichment | Five Wishes: Creating and Advanced Directive Document

    Five Wishes: Creating an Advanced Directive Document The Five Wishes concept is based upon creating an advanced directive document. This document can be created for anyone regardless of age or health status. The idea is to provide information on how one would like to be cared for at the end of their lives. The Five Wishes Directive differs from living wills and healthcare agent forms in that it addresses all of an individual's needs including medical, spiritual, emotional, and personal. Because of its comprehensive nature, the Five Wishes Directive is a useful tool for initiating conversations on what can be at times a difficult topic. Instructor: Cori Levin, End of Life Doula Tuesday, September 20 6:15 - 8:15 pm Westonka Activity Center | Conference Room #7579-A22F $35 Thursday, October 13 12 noon - 2:00 pm Westonka Activity Center | Conference Room #7579-B22F $35 Monday, November 7 6:15 - 8:15 pm Westonka Activity Center | Conference Room #7579-C22F $35
  • Adult Enrichment | Navigating Elderhood

    Navigating Elderhood Cori Levin will be facilitating a conversation around end of life planning. Through this course, she will explain and discuss: Familial support for end of life issues Providing emotional support in the end of life process Discussions on practical support for loved ones This course is aimed at parents, adult children, and aging adults seeking information and support for end of life issues. As an End of Life Doula, and the owner and operator of Navigating Elderhood, Cori finds that oftentimes people will plan for their end of life needs solely from a practical perspective, but will neglect to focus on the emotional and social needs that come with end of life transitions. This course will help with exploring those important questions in a comfortable and caring environment. Thursday, October 13 6:15 - 7:30 pm Westonka Activity Center | Conference Room #7578-A22F $19
  • Adult Enrichment | Navigating Elderhood: Mindfulness and Rituals for End of Life Experiences

    Navigating Elderhood: Mindfulness and Rituals for End of Life Experiences Instructor and End of Life Doula, Cori Levin, will introduce ritual/mindfulness practices around the end of life experience, incorporating breathwork, water and herbs for healing. This holistic evening will include conversation in a comfortable environment. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. Monday, November 14 6:15 - 7:45 pm Westonka Activity Center | Conference Room #7580-A22F $25 Monday, December 12 6:15 - 7:30 pm (Ritual/mindfulness around end of life only) Westonka Activity Center | Conference Room #7580-B22F $25
  • Westonka Community Theatre 2022 Season Supporter

    Westonka Community Theatre Supporter Your tax-deductible donation allows Westonka Community Theatre to provide top notch, inclusive, quality shows and opportunities for ALL ages and ALL skill levels. All donations above $25 will receive recognition in the 2022 summer show program if made by July 8, 2022. Donations received after this date will be recognized in the programs of shows later in the 2022 - 2023 season and on the WCT website. A tax-deductible receipt will be in your confirmation email. Westonka Community Theatre 2022 Season Supporter suggested levels #1177-A22S Friend - $25 #1177-B22S Supporter - $50 #1177-C22S Advocate - $100 #1177-D22S Backer - $250 #1177-E22S Promoter - $500 #1177-F22S Champion - $1000 #1177-G22S Please call Community Education & Services if you would like to contribute any amount outside of defined levels: 952.491.8040
  • Westonka Friends of the Arts membership

    Join in enriching the cultural life of the Westonka area Westonka Friends of the Arts (WFA) is a volunteer organization of area residents who care deeply about community arts programming through new the Westonka Performing Arts Center (PAC). Partnering with Westonka Community Education and the new Westonka Community Theater, our hope is that the Westonka area becomes a truly wonderful destination for the arts. The new arts center will be a place to experience great school productions as well as professional Twin Cities musicians, dancers, authors, actors, and more. Your neighbors in WFA plan to work with business owners, private donors, and fellow arts lovers to raise funds from public, private and philanthropic sources. Become a Member ($35) Support the development of dynamic cultural offerings, quality entertainment, innovative educational programs, and artistic engagement for all ages. Advertise your commitment to this exciting new organization with a WFA car decal Become a Supporter ($75) Everything above AND have early access to WFA programming, backstage tours, and invitation only events such as after parties - where the show really does go on Become a Patron ($250) Everything above, AND special recognition in our printed materials and early access to pre-sale tickets before major events There are additional opportunities for businesses and individuals to underwrite performances, sponsor a series, or discuss naming rights for upcoming events. You can make a huge difference to this community by helping us to provide low cost access to the magic of arts for our residents.