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  • Afterschool Movie Club (Grades 2 - 4)

    Afterschool Movie ClubGrades 2 - 4Join Ms. Hans for an afterschool movie at a nearby theater! Students will be able to register for one movie per month. Bus transportation and movie ticket will be provided. Students are able to bring their own money for concessions. Both Hilltop and Shirley Hills students are welcome to attend.(SH students will need to take transfer bus to HT). Watch for fliers and emails advertising movie club dates and theater information.Tuesday, October 9 - Small Foot3:40 pm Depart from Hilltop, 7 pm return (approximately)#2032-A18F$29Tuesday, November 20 - The Grinch3:40 pm depart from Hilltop; 7 pm return (approximately)#2032-B18F$29Thursday, December 20 - Mary Poppins Returns3:40 pm depart from Hilltop; 7 pm return (approximately)#2032-C18F$29
  • Babysitter Training (Ages 11 and up)

    Babysitter TrainingAges 11 and upThis American Safety & Health Institute Training program is designed to engage and inform the aspiring babysitter. It provides students everything they need to know, from getting started, to dealing with parents and children, to key safety, care giving and first aid tips.Course highlights include: Fundamental information about babysitting and creating your business Leadership: You're in charge, but not the parent; conflict resolution Basic caregiving skills: feeding, diapering, holding, safe sleep practices Play time: Keeping children entertained and active safely Safety and Injury prevention: telephone safety, SIDS awareness, environmental, weather and preventable hazards First Aid and CPR: recognizing an emergency, caring for an ill or injured victim, wounds and burn care, choking and CPR Students should bring a pen, notebook, snacks and a beverage to class. Instructor: Annika OlsonTuesday, November 6Westonka Activity Center       Conference Room4 - 8 pm#2008-A18F$59
  • Polite Kids 101 (Grades K - 4)

    Polite Kids 101Grades K - 4All kids need a little refinement now and again. Polite Kids 101 is here to help! Class topics include: kindness, respect, body language, tone of voice and interruptions, introductions, table manners before, during and after meal time, being a guest in someone's home and for birthday parties, wedding and funeral etiquette. Polite Kids 101 is packed full of information along videos of kids in real-life social situations. A light and peanut-free snack will also be made during class to practice proper etiquette of cutting with a fork and knife. Upon registration, please indicate if your child has any food allergies.Monday, October 223:40 - 5:45 pmShirley Hills Primary School       Room 101#2046-A18F$39Monday, November 123:40 - 5:45 pmHilltop Primary School       Room 103#2046-B18F$39
  • Super Hero Kids Safety and Assault Prevention (Grades K-4)

    Super Hero Kids Safety and Assault PreventionGrades K - 4  (Must be accompanied by a paid adult)One in seven kids will experience an assault before they are 18, and 90% by people they know. These classes help kids and adults recognize and stop groomed assaults. Short and long term consequences can range from fear, distrust, anxiety, depression, challenging behavior, promiscuity, exploitation, and worse. This class requires a paid adult to attend with their child - enrolled separately, as this is a class intended for both. For more information about this program, visit www.notmetraining.comTuesday, October 236:30 - 7:15 pmHilltop Primary School       Media Center#2045-A18F $20/person
  • Super Hero Tweens Safety and Assault Prevention (Grades 5-6)

    Super Hero Tweens Safety and Assault PreventionGrades 5 - 6        (Must be accompanied by a paid adult)Tweens are gaining more freedom at this age. Learn how to use your built-in No. 1 safety tool. Find out how to recognize and get away from groomed and stranger assault, safety in public places, Internet and phone safety, relationships, pressure and avoidance of dangers with drugs/alcohol, and uncomfortable situations. Kids leaving feeling empowered to make safer choices for themselves and others. This class requires a paid adult to attend with their child - enrolled separately, since this class is intended for both individuals. For more information about this program, visit www.notmetraining.comTuesday, November 276 - 7:15 pmGrandview Middle School     Media Center#2045-A18F$20/person
  • Youth Enrichment League (YEL) Grandmasters of Chess (Grades K - 4)

    Youth Enrichment League (YEL) Grandmasters of ChessGrades K - 4New and returning students invited. Each Youth Enrichment League (YEL) Chess class follows four basic components:Teach it!Each class students are taught different chess concepts and coached to implement those concepts into their chess games.Practice it!Students practice positions set by the coach to improve their understanding of the concept.Puzzle It!Students are given chess puzzles (constructed by WIM Serafima Sokolovskaya) and work with coach guidance to solve them.Play it! Each class ends with students playing 20 - 30 minutes of chess. Coaches often feature in-class tournaments during the session. Fee includes ChessKid.com membership ($49 annual value). Sign up today to Think, Learn and Play Well with YEL!Mondays, October 29 to December 10 (no class November 5)3:40 - 4:40 pmShirley Hills Primary School Room 101#2033-A18F$79Tuesdays, November 6 to December 113:40 - 4:40 pmHilltop Primary School Room 103#2033-B18F$79
  • Youth Enrichment League - Fencing (Grades 2 - 8)

    Youth Enrichment League (YEL) FencingGrades 2 - 8New and returning students invited! Join this fast-growing Olympic Sport. Each Youth Enrichment League (YEL) Fencing class follows four basic components:Teach it!Hall of Fame Olympic Fencing Coach Ro Sobalvarro crafts our lessons and curriculum.Practice It!Students pair up and practice the fencing move or concept, rotate partners, and repeat.Move it! Students are then asked to mock-fence using only the moves taught so far.Play it!Ten to 15 minutes each class students will fence with multiple fencers at their skill level. All equipment will be provided.Sign up today to Think, Learn, and Play Well with YEL!Thursdays, November 1 - December 13 (no class November 22)6:30 - 7:30 pmGrandview Middle School Cafeteria#2031-A18F$85