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  • Crazy Chemworks with Mad Science

    Crazy Chemworks with Mad ScienceGrades 1 - 4Start your chemistry career off right with Mad Science's Crazy Chemworks. You'll explore the chemistry of everyday life through spectacular hand-on activities with lab equipment. Learn how to work in a lab, operate different lab equipment, tell the difference between acids and bases, identify chemical reactions, observe chemistry that happens in the blink of an eye, and bond molecules together in ooey-gooey slime. Explore the micro-world of molecular chemistry and learn about the three states of matter, delve into the secrets of hydrogen bonding, and explore the molecular makeup of bubbles. And of course, get a great signature Mad Science take-home every day. Class content varies depending on series length. Visit mn.madscience.org for a class syllabus at your location.Mondays, January 28 - March 4 (no class February 18)3:40 - 4:40 pmShirley Hills Primary School      Room 102#2029-A18W$75Wednesdays, January 30 - February 27Hilltop Primary School       Art Room#2029-B18W$75
  • Engineering for Kids STEM Club (Grades K - 3)

    Engineering for Kids STEM ClubGrades K - 3The Engineering for Kids STEM Club introduces students to a new, hands-on lesson every week from various engineering disciplines. For each lesson, students focus on developing 21st Century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and peer collaboration. These life skills provide students with the confidence to approach challenges in their lives and realize they can succeed in almost anything! Register for a session of four classes or a semester of all 12 classes.Session IShirley Hills Primary School, Room 1013:40 - 4:40 pmFridays, October 5 - November 2 (no class October 19)#2038-A18F$89Hilltop Primary School Art Room (no class October 19)#2038-B18F$89session 1 consists of the following four classes - Friday, October 5 - Environmental Engineering: Solar PowerIn Solar Power, students discuss the positive and negative effects of sun light and create a design to insulate Heat Sensitive Hypercolor Thinking Putty and prevent it from changing colors when exposed to heat.Friday, October 12 -  Industrial Engineering: Simple Machines/PulleysDuring Simple Machines/Pulleys, students will learn about the properties of simple pulleys. Then they will  put their knowledge to work as they construct and operate a pulley delivery system for use in a simulated disaster situation.Friday, October 26 - Marine Engineering: Paddle BoatsBoats moving through water is an amazing engineering marvel. Students join us for an investigation of potential and kinetic energy and apply their newfound knowledge to create a paddle boat that can move across a tub of water.Friday, November 2 - Aerospace Engineering: Whirling WondersIn this lesson, students will construct model helicopters. They will explore how forces such as thrust and lift help helicopters maneuver.Session IIShirley Hills Primary School     Room 1013:40 - 4:40 pmFridays, November 9 - December 7 (no class November 23)#2038-C18F         $89Hilltop Primary School     Art RoomFridays, November 9 - December 7 (no class November 23)#2038-D18F $89session 2 consists of the following four classes - Friday, November 9 - Mechanical Engineering: Weird & Wacky ContraptionStudents will work together to design a marble  contraption machine guaranteed to produce many giggles and grins!Friday, November 16 - Chemical Engineering: OobleckStudents will make Oobleck and explore its properties as a non-Newtonian fluid.Friday, November 30  - Civil Engineering: Smarter than Your Average BearToday, students will be introduced to a book about a girl who discovers a house of shapes. She is curious about what is inside the house and stays a little too long. Will she escape before Square comes in? In this lesson, students will explore the requirements for constructing a chair using index cards and masking tape. Students will also demonstrate how load distribution plays a role when constructing furniture.Friday, December 7 - Mechanical Engineering: Wind-up RobotsOur young engineers observe a wind-up  toy to discover how it works. After brainstorming ideas, our student inventors head into the workshop to design their own robot wind-up toy. Students conclude the day with measurement activities designed to help them analyze and evaluate their designs.Session IIIShirley Hills Primary School, Room 1013:40 - 4:40 pmFridays, December 14 - January 11, 2019 ( no class December 28)#2038-E18F$89Hilltop Primary School      Art RoomFridays, December 14 - January 11, 2019 (no class December 28)#2038-F18F$89session 3 consists of the following four classes: Friday, December 14 - Environmental Engineering: Goin' Fishin'In the lesson, Goin' Fishin', students will work as an environmental engineer to design a fishing net that reduces the number of endangered sea turtles caught by commercial fisherman.Friday, December, 21 - Marine Engineering: Zip SailIn this lesson, students investigate how the sail of a sail boat captures the wind and moves the boat forward.Friday, January 4 - Aerospace Engineering: KitesStudents will explore the foundations of symmetry and create their own kite in this lesson.Friday, January 11 - Electrical Engineering: Light it UpIn this lesson, students explore LEDs and construct a simple circuit to light a model  toy. It's time to light it up with electrical engineering.Semester option: all 12 sections at Shirley Hills Primary School,  Room 101      Fridays, October 5 - January 11 (no classes October 19, November 23, and December 28):     #2038-G18F      $245all 12 sections at Hilltop Primary School, Art Room             Fridays, October 5 - January 11(no classes October 19, November 23, and December 28):#2038-H18F$245
  • Techno-Connections with Mad Science (Grades 1 - 4)

    Techno-Connections with Mad ScienceGrades 1 - 4Join Mad Science as we connect with technology! Experience the basic forces that makes technology possible: use Newton's laws to make things move, convert potential energy into kinetic energy, leverage simple machines to do your work, and use gravity to keep your balance. Explore the world of future technology as you set up a cellular tower to track your friends; program and command real robots, construct a taco battery, and make light from a liquid. And of course, get a great signature Mad Science take-home every day! Class content varies depending on series length. Visit mn.madscience.org for a class syllabus at your location.Shirley Hills - CANCELED DUE TO LACK OF ENROLLMENT Mondays, October 22 - December 3 (no class November 5)Shirley Hills Primary School      Room 1023:40 - 4:40 pm#2028-A18F$89Wednesdays, October 24 - December 5 (no class November 21)3:40 - 4:40 pmHilltop Primary School       Art Room#2028-B18F$89