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  • *NEW* Java Minecraft Mod Development: SuperHero Armor (Grades 3 - 7)

    *NEW*Java Minecraft Mod Development: SuperHero ArmorGrades 3 - 7Learn to code by making custom Minecraft mods! Add armor to Minecraft that gives your character powers like a super hero! Make pants that make you run the flash, make a night vision helmet like Batman or a cape that makes you fly through the air like Superman! Students will code in Java, so basic typing skills are required.Friday, May 109 am - 12 pmShirley Hills Primary School - Media Center, Green Lab#1678-A19W$45
  • Crazy Chemworks with Mad Science (Grades 1 - 4)

    Crazy Chemworks with Mad ScienceGrades 1 - 4Start your chemistry career off right with Mad Science's Crazy Chemworks. You'll explore the chemistry of everyday life through spectacular hand-on activities with lab equipment. Learn how to work in a lab, operate different lab equipment, tell the difference between acids and bases, identify chemical reactions, observe chemistry that happens in the blink of an eye, and bond molecules together in ooey-gooey slime. Explore the micro-world of molecular chemistry and learn about the three states of matter, delve into the secrets of hydrogen bonding, and explore the molecular makeup of bubbles. And of course, get a great signature Mad Science take-home every day. Class content varies depending on series length. Visit mn.madscience.org for a class syllabus at your location.Mondays, January 28 - March 4 (no class February 18)3:40 - 4:40 pmShirley Hills Primary School   -  Room 102#2029-A19W$75Wednesdays, January 30 - February 27Hilltop Primary School    -   Art Room#2029-B19W$75
  • Engineering for Kids STEM Club (Grades K - 3)

    Engineering for Kids STEM ClubGrades K - 3The Engineering for Kids Stem Club introduces students to a new, hands-on lessons every week from various engineering disciplines. For each lesson, students focus on developing 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and peer collaboration. These life skills provide students with the confidence to approach challenges in their lives and realize that they can succeed in almost everything! Register for a session of four classes or a semester of all 12 classes.Classes will be held Fridays at both Shirley Hills and Hilltop Primary SchoolsCost: $89 for a four-week session, $245 for the entire 12-week semesterSession 1:1.Friday, January 25 - Mechanical Engineering - Wind Up WhirligigStudents explore how kinetic energy is transferred to potential energy in this lesson, creating a toy that has an element of tension generated from a wound rubber band on a spinning straw. The spinning motion developed is a great example of clock work mechanical motion, and definitely fun for young engineers to wind and test.2. Friday, February 1 - Civil Engineering - Where does the Troll live?In this lesson, students will examine attributes of a beam bridge and they will identify the importance of pillars to support it. Then, they will attempt to build a strong beam bridge using a variety of geometric shapes!3. Friday, February 8 - Chemical Engineering - Shiny PenniesStudents learn about acids and bases and investigate some real-world reactions and use scientific methods to finding the appropriate chemical for their needs.4. Friday, February 15 - Aerospace Engineering - Straw Loop AirplanesStudents will apply their knowledge of potential energy and kinetic energy and explore the effects of added weight to a plane.Fridays, January 25 - February 15        Shirley Hills Primary School - Room 101             #2038-A19WFridays, January 25 - February 15         Hilltop Primary School - Art Room                       #2038-B19WSession 2:1. Friday, February 22 - Electrical Engineering - LED Greeting CardIn this lesson, students explore LEDs and construct a simple circuit to create a greeting card. It's time to light it up with electrical engineering!2. Friday, March 8 - Mechanical Engineering - Knot your normal ladderIn this lesson, students will explore the mechanics of knot tying and how force and friction work together to make a knot work. Then, students will construct their own smaller version of the knotted rope ladder that the prince created to help him visit Rapunzel in the tower.3. Friday, March 15 - Marine Engineering - Water Wheel Students will explore the concept of a waterwheel focusing on ways that waterwheels can be used to lift a load and design a waterwheel and modify the design to improve the tool's performance.4. Friday, April 5 - Aerospace Engineering - Ready, Set, Jump!Students apply the principles of aerodynamics to create a parachute that can safely deliver a passenger to the ground.Fridays, February 22 - April 5   (no class  March 1, 22 and 29)        Shirley Hills Primary School - Room 101              #2038-C19WFridays, February 22 - April 5   (no class March 1, 22, and 29)          Hilltop Primary School - Art Room                        #2038-D19WSession 3:1. Friday, April 12 - Marine Engineering - Sailing AwayIn this lesson, students investigate how the sail of a sail boat captures the wind and moves the boat forward.2. Friday, April 19 - Civil Engineering - ColumnsStudents will learn about columns along with concept of compression. To explore these amazing structures, students will construct, test, and modify their structures to achieve a final design that can hold their weight.3. Friday, April 26 - Environmental Engineering - Reuse and RecycleHow can we reuse materials to cut down on the trash we create? What is the difference between reuse and recycle? These questions and more are explored during Reuse and Recycle where students brainstorm ways to reuse materials and recycle some of those materials to build a model car and recreate their favorite toy.4. Friday, May 3 - Electrical Engineering - It's the Magnet HopMagnets are everywhere. The earth itself is a magnet and magnets are found in and on more than just our refrigerators. During this lesson, students will explore magnets and identify objects that are and are not magnetic. Students will explore magnets' ability to attract and repel other magnets and then apply that understanding to create their own bouncing rabbit.Fridays, April 12 - May 3           Shirley Hills Primary School  - Room 101     #2038-E19WFridays, April 12 - May 3            Hilltop Primary School - Art Room                #2038-F19WSemester option (all 12 classes):Fridays, January 25 - May 3 (no class March 1, 22 and March 29)        Shirley Hills Primary School - Room 101            #2038-G19WFridays, January 25 - May 3 ( no class March 1, 22 and March 29)        Hilltop Primary School - Art Room                      #2038-H19W
  • Mad Science's *NEW* Science at Work (Grades 1- 4)

    Mad Science's Science at WorkGrades 1- 4Join Mad Science for after-school fun with interactive, hands-on activities and get revved up about science. Experience Science at Work in the Mad Science crime lab, movie effects studio and toy factory. Discover science working in nature through earthquakes and storms! Make science work for you as you manipulate magnetic and electrical forces. Learn about science working in your mouth and put it to the test - the Taste Test. And of course, get a great signature Mad Science take-home each time. Class content varies depending on series length. Visit madscience.org for class syllabus at your location.Mondays, April 22 - May 203:40 - 4:40 pmShirley Hills Primary School -  Room 102#2030-A19W$75Wednesdays, April 24 - May 223:40 - 4:40 pmHilltop Primary School - Art Room#2030-B19W$75