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  • *NEW* Spanish for Grades 5-8

    *NEW* Spanish for Grades 5-8 This online intermediate level Spanish course for Grades 5-8 is designed to be a continuation of our elementary Spanish program. In this course, students will explore the Spanish language structure through interactive games, activities, and multimedia with the support from their Spanish instructor Senora Tammy Bakke. Students will learn to use the Spanish language along with learning about Hispanic culture, history and heritage. They'll learn about the habits and traditions while using "neutral" Spanish with vocabulary that can be used in any region of the world. Students will develop the skills needed to be successful in High School level Spanish. The online format of this class will provide participants the flexibility to continue their Spanish education along with participating in their regular before and after school programming. Dates to be aware of: Tuesday, January 21 at 6 pm - Parent information night at the Educational Service Center Community Room (for those interested and/or enrolled in the program) Thursday, January 23 - Registration deadline Monday, January 27 - Course will open online Monday, January 27 - Friday, April 24 #2172-A20W $195